Livewires in Madagascar 2018

A small Livewires team recently got back from serving Africa inland Mission in Madagascar…Read Scarlett’s report of our adventure below.

“Pete, Ali and Scarlett led the children’s work at an Africa Inland Mission conference for missionaries across Madagascar. The theme for the week was Serving Together in Outreach and they demonstrated this through the many directions God takes us in life…

The kids explored looking upwards – at God and understanding who He is and what that means for them – and inwards – at themselves and exploring who they are in Christ, how He loves them, and has given them gifts to help spread His love to others. They also looked backwards – at times when God has been faithful in loving them – and forwards – in prayer that they will be used to help build His kingdom.

Teaching ‘withwards’ and outwards were the most challenging directions. The missionary children were largely home schooled and often faced with language and cultural barriers between them and their Madagascan peers. Therefore, their time spent building relationships with them and helping them develop their relationships with the other children at the conference was a key part of why the team, the kids and their parents valued the week so much.

Overall, Livewires’ first experience of international children’s work taught them a lot about the benefit of working with children of different ages (the kids in Madagascar were ages 4-15), from all areas of the world, and at various stages in their faith journey. Please join them in gratitude to God for providing such an authentic experience of sharing His truths, and pray that more opportunities arise for their children’s ministry!”